Repair and modernization of machine tools

In 2006, our company built and commissioned a new machine assembly shop, equipped with new and modernized equipment with a site for overhaul and modernization of metal cutting and forging and pressing equipment.
Modern production has become a convincing demonstration of the company’s commitment to improve the quality of service.

New production facilities that meet all modern requirements, allow for the overhaul of all types of metal cutting machines and forging and pressing equipment.

Production of repair and modernization of machine tools includes:

  • site for disassembly and fault detection of the machine components;
  • cleaning and washing section;
  • grinding section;
  • machining parts section;
  • thermal department;
  • site for the modernization of CNC systems and electrical equipment;
  • coloring section;
  • section for assembly, adjustment of the machine units and delivery;
  • QC;

The program of overhaul and modernization of equipment includes the following:

  • complete disassembly of the machine;
  • cleaning and cleaning of machine parts and components;
  • damage assessment of machine components;
  • repair or replacement of all worn parts;
  • manufacture and purchase of new parts;
  • restoration of base surfaces;
  • replacement of electrical equipment;
  • replacement of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment;
  • painting and assembling;
  • modernization of CNC system and drives;
  • carrying out all tests by the technical specification of the machine;
  • testing for technological accuracy standards and delivery to the customer;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;

The whole set of works on equipment repair is carried out at our facilities.

In the section of machining of parts there are also unique machines:

- SZ-08 «Heckert» flat grinding machine with a working table of 3200х1000 mm that allows machining of parts (beds, bed slideways) of 4000 mm long, 1320 mm wide, 1300 mm high and 6000 kg of weight.

- SZ-2000 «Heckert» flat grinding machine with a working table of 8000x2000 mm, which allows machining of parts (beds, bed slideways) with a length of 8000 mm, a width of 2100 mm, a height of 2000 mm and a weight of 20000 kg (commissioning – late 2017)



Our company has vast technological experience and production potential in the field of equipment repair.
Stability of the work of our specialists, their high competence and long-term partnerships with leading domestic producers guarantee timely and high-quality fulfillment of obligations undertaken.