Repair of special machinery

Since 1998, LLC Industrial and commercial company “Impeks" has been performing overhaul reconditioning of construction and road-building vehicles, as well as hoisting and loading specialized vehicles: front loaders, municipal street-cleaning vehicles, excavators, truck cranes, truck-mounted platforms, dump trucks.

All repairs are carried out on the production sites of our company equipped with load-lifting mechanisms,
high-precision metalworking equipment, measuring tools, electric and hydraulic test rigs for testing and diagnostics of machines and equipment.

Repair of special machinery is carried out by specialists of our company, who have industry-specific education and extensive work experience, due to which the quality of work is always at a high level.

The purpose of the repair of equipment is the restoration of operational and technical characteristics, according to nameplate data and regulatory requirements. When performing repairs, original spare parts and assemblies, which are subject to warranties of the manufacturing plants, are used.

Warranty is issued for the work on the overhaul repairs with registration of the repair certificate.
If necessary, an expert examination and a full technical survey can be carried out for machines and mechanisms registered in the state bodies of technical supervision.

Since 2004, the company has mastered the works on the repair of industrial equipment.

Works have been carried out on repairing machines for breaking the lining of metallurgical furnaces and converters UNIDACHS 500HE, HOLTMANN A-80, machines for mortaring the melting facilities aggregates KROSAKI HARIMA with refractory powders, a mini excavator with radio control BROKK 330 (400), a «Hammelmann» combine with a high-pressure pump for cleaning slurry pipelines and a vacuum pump for pumping water.