Robot mini excavator BROKK-330

Major repairs have been carried out. «Azovstal».

Brokk mini-equipment is designed and manufactured specifically for dismantling. An important characteristic of the machine is the electric drive. It does not produce much noise and does not damage the environment, as it is not a source of exhaust gases. This is especially important if the machine is used inside a building. Examples of Brokk 330 use include dismantling of bank storages, removal of slag deposits in blast furnaces, dismantling of large structures, removal of lining in cement kilns and handling of nuclear waste. Buckets are mainly used to remove debris. Nevertheless, with the help of a bucket, you can turn Brokk into an ordinary digging machine and use it for drainage works, etc.
Radio-controlled mini excavator. A universal machine with a variety of attachments - buckets, grader, hydraulic shears, hydraulic hammer, drilling rig, etc. Its scope includes metallurgy, nuclear energy, rescue operations, where the operator of the machine is far from the hazardous and dangerous zone, and controls the machine remotely.

Technical characteristics, description:

Height 1650 mm
Width 1500 mm
Lenght (without attachments) 3920 mm
Weight (depends on installed attachments) 4400 kg
Power 30 kW
Recommended / maximum weight of equipment 550 kg
Ground clearance 200 mm
Specific ground pressure (without attachments, blade) 0,055 N/mm2
Rotational speed 14 s / 3600
Maximum driving speed я 1,8 km/h
Pressure in the hydraulic system 16,5 MPa

Before repair

After repair