Robot mini excavator BROKK-400

Brokk robots are designed specifically for dismantling, and their design is optimized for the use of a hydraulic hammer and other attachments for demolition. The design of the platform allows withstanding very high loads and provides excellent stability of the machine at any position of the manipulator.

Weight 5100 kg
Width min 1600 mm
Height min 1792 mm
Engine power 30 kW
Recommended maximum weight of attachments   600 kg
Noise level 100 dB (A)
Transport speed, max. 2,5 km/hour; 0,7 m/s
Pressure in the hydraulic system 23 MPa
Hydraulic system capacity 160 liters
Pump capacity, max. 50Hz 115 l/min,
60Hz 130 l/min

Before repair

After repair