Robot mini excavator BROKK-90

The brokk 90 is one of the most versatile machines available for demolition in restricted areas. When the job has to be done in a confined space, size really does matter. The goal is to bring as much power and flexibility as possible to the site, and the Brokk 90 achieves it. Its compact design, easy operation and powerful tools make it the perfect choice for use in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial environments where there are load restrictions on floors, but where a powerful, labor-saving tool is a must.

It incorporates the best features of previous Brokk models and all the experience gained by Brokk operators and owners and fills the gap between our smallest Brokk 50 and the next size, Brokk 180.

Technical data  
Hydraulic breaker in illustrations SB 152
Load and stability diagram can be ordered from Brokk AB  
Slewing speed 8 sec/245°
Transport speed, max. 2,6 km/h; 0,8 m/s; 1,6 mph
Incline angle, max. 30°
Hydraulic system  
Hydraulic system capacity 35 l; 9,2 US gal
Pump type  Gear pump with fixed displacement
System pressure 16,5 MPa; 2393 psi
Pump flow max 50Hz and 60Hz 40 l/min; 10.6 US gal/min
Electric motor  
Type ABB
Output* 11kW
Current* 22A
Starting device Soft start/Direct start
Control system  
Control type Portable control box
Signal code Digital
Transfer Cable/Radio
Weight of basic machine excluding attachment 1015 kg; 2238 lb
Noise level (From the machine, not from the breaker)  
Sound power level Lwa, measured according to directive 2000/14/EC 86 dB(A)

* Valid for 400V/50Hz

Before repair

After repair